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  • Filtering a Vector with SIMD Instructions (AVX-2 and AVX-512)

    This blog post will show how one can use SIMD instructions to optimize the code and highlight differences between AVX2 and AVX512.

  • Quickwit 0.3: schemaless indexing, aggregations, and more!

    Five months have passed since our last release, and our team has been working hard to deliver the next version of Quickwit. Today, we are proud to announce the release of Quickwit 0.3. This new feature-rich version introduces:

  • How to investigate memory usage of your rust program

    At Quickwit we have a mindset to create memory efficient and fast software, something that resonates with me personally. I love to create fast software and optimize it, since

  • Tantivy 0.17 is out

    Tantivy 0.17 is a great update that packs a lot of exciting features. We will describe the main ones in this blog post and open up the possibilities of using Tantivy:

  • Quickwit 0.2 brings full-text search to ClickHouse and Kafka!

    Quickwit wishes you a happy new year 2022!

  • A cool Rust optimization story

    I will be your rabbit guide

  • Quickwit: A highly cost-efficient search engine in Rust

    Meet Quickwit 0.1! A super cost-efficient search engine is born!