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What is Quickwit?

Quickwit is a distributed search engine built from the ground up to offer cost-efficiency and high reliability. By mere mortals for mere mortals, Quickwit's architecture is as simple as possible1.

Quickwit is written in Rust and built on top of the mighty tantivy library. We designed it to index big datasets.

Why Quickwit?

Quickwit is born from the idea that today's search engines are hard to manage and uneconomical when dealing with large datasets and a low QPS2 rate. Its benefits are most apparent in a multitenancy or a multi-index setting.

Quickwit allows true decoupled compute and storage. We designed it to search straight from object storage like AWS S3 in a stateless manner.

Imagine hosting an arbitrary amount of indices on S3 for $25/TB.month and querying them with the same pool of search servers and with a subsecond latency.

Not only is Quickwit more cost-efficient, but search clusters are also easier to operate. One can add or remove search instances in seconds. You can also effortlessly index a massive amount of historical data using your favorite batch technology. Last but not least, Multi-tenant search is now cheap and painless.

1 ... But not one bit simpler. 2 QPS stands for Queries per second. It is a standard measure of the amount of search traffic.