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Here is Quickwit featureset:

  • Simple CLI to manage your index and setup a distributed search cluster
  • Local and remote (S3-like storage) indexes
  • Stateless instances, add or remove instances without moving your data
  • Subsecond search on an object storage or any storage which provides bytes range queries
  • Full text search, including phrase query
  • Native support for time partitionning
  • Boolean queries: (michael AND jackson) OR "king of pop")
  • Mapping feature to define your schema and easily convert a json into a document to index
  • Support data types text, i64, f64, date, bytes and composite types object and array.

Quickwit v0.1 limitations

  • no support for file formats other than ndjson
  • no support for object storages not compatible with Amazon S3
  • no aggregations nor faceted search
  • no deletions (append mode only). One can only delete splits.
  • no split merging.
  • no indexing server
  • no concurrent indexing on the same index, as the object storage metastore would not allow it.

Influence our roadmap by voting in our GitHub issues for the features that you need the most!