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Query language

The query language is used by the search CLI command and by the query parameter in the REST API search request. It supports currently a very simple simple syntax:

  • simple terms: Barack Obama will match documents containing both "barack" and "obama" terms
  • multiple terms: you can chain term with an OR to match document containing at least one of the terms
  • negative terms: a term can be excluded by prepending it with a -
  • must terms: a term can be made required by prepending it with a +.

Examples with field names

You can specify fields to search in the query:

  • title:barack
  • title:(barack OR obama)
  • title:barack resource.body:barack will search for barack in both fields
  • title:"barack obama" will search for the exact phrase

You can also omit field names to search into default search fields defined in the index config:

  • barack OR obama will search for barack or obama in the default search fields.

Example of a search query on the REST API

curl<index name>/search?query=barack OR obama