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Quickwit Inc. collects anonymous data regarding general usage to help us drive our development. Privacy and transparency are at the heart of Quickwit values and we only collect the minimal useful data and don't use any third party tool for the collection.

Disabling data collection#

Data collection are opt-out. To disable them, just set the environment variable DISABLE_QUICKWIT_TELEMETRY to whatever value.


Look at quickwit help command output to check whether telemetry is enabled or not:

quickwit help
Quickwit 0.1.0
Quickwit, Inc. <>
Indexing your large dataset on object storage & making it searchable from the command line.
Telemetry enabled

The line Telemetry enabled disappears when you disable it.

Which data are collected?#

We collect the minimum amount of information to respect privacy. Here are the data collected:

  • type of events among create, index, delete and serve events
  • client information:
    • session uuid: uuid generated on the fly
    • quickwit version
    • os (linux, macos, freebsd, android...)
    • architecture of the CPU
    • md5 hash of host and username
    • a boolean to know if KUBERNETES_SERVICE_HOST is set.

All data are sent to

No third party#

We did not want to add any untrusted third party tool in the collection so we decided to implement and host our own metric collection server.