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Software search engineering intern

About Quickwit

Quickwit, Inc. is the company behind Quickwit, the next-generation open-source search engine for petabyte-scale data. Founded in late 2020 and incorporated in the U.S., the company has raised a seed round from two VC firms and is composed of three technical co-founders and two engineers. Paul Masurel, the founder of Quickwit, is the creator of tantivy, a highly performant search engine library written in Rust that has rallied a great community of users since its inception.

About the Role

You will work directly on the distributed search and analytics engine. The main goal of the internship will be:

  • implementing new features
  • optimizing performance-critical operations
  • developing ready-for-use demos of its capabilities (like indexing common crawl)
  • creating a benchmark between major open-source search engine
  • writing technical blog posts to show the improvements
  • and many more things if you're passionate!

All your code will be open source.

This internship is a unique occasion to work on a distributed search and analytical tool with high-reliability constraints and to learn from highly skilled engineers. Ultimately, the candidate will improve her/his knowledge and understanding of how search engines work at scale.

Preferred experience

Your Skills and Qualifications:

  • Development experience (either in Rust or scripts) is highly desired
  • Hacker-style personality, i.e., being able to find solutions and/or workarounds to issues
  • Passion and willingness to learn
  • Being passionate about search / distributed systems and open source
  • You will be available for 5-6 months in 2022 for the internship

Bonus Points:

  • You like writing technical blog posts
  • You have some specialized skills, like data visualization, distributed systems or production engineering
  • You have already open source some code


Our team is fully distributed, and our members work from Japan, France, Guinea, and the U.S. However, this position is open for interns able to work in European time zones only. We have one office located at Station F (5 Rue Eugène Freyssinet, 75013 Paris). You can either work full-remote or come at Station F.

How to apply?

If you're passionate about software development and eager to learn, we'd like to meet you. Please send us an email with your resume or LinkedIn profile at

One thing we have found helpful to communicate in this first email: some projects, pieces of code, or blog posts you are particularly proud of.