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Grafana Plugin 0.4: QoL features ahead!

Quickwit 0.8 is out, and we’ve been cooking some nice features for the plugin!

Autocomplete hints for the clueless

As indexes grow, the complexity of writing a search query gets hard to deal with. Do not despair! We’ve introduced completions to our revamped query editor (powered by CodeMirror 6)! You’ll get suggestions on searchable fields and terms when hitting Ctrl-Space.

A better logs context experience

Once you’ve found a faulty line in your logs, what do you do? With our new context query editor, you can explore your logs further, refine the search query and use contextual information to add filters.

Heads or Tails?

Don’t like reverse-chronological exploration? Don’t worry, we’ve introduced a query parameter inspired by tried and true log exploration tools: head and tail. You can now decide where the sample of records will be taken from in the time range!

Log End selector

Adhoc Filters support

Fluent in dashboard settings? Searching on the same fields over and over again? You may be interested in the added support for adhoc filters! Set them up in the Variables settings tab of your dashboards, and enjoy easy parametrization of your queries.

Adhoc Filters

Customizable log message

Grafana’s Explore allows you to pick a set of fields to show from your data. We found it cool, so we’ve built a similar feature, but persistent and available on all log displays!

More stuff

We’ve also fixed a few bugs and polished various aspects of the plugin:

  • Logs volume histogram tries to keep the number of buckets to a reasonable amount.
  • Queries won’t fire until you run them: we aim to save your resources and automatically getting query updates while typing seems like a waste we want to avoid.
  • AND is the default implicit operator from now on, bringing the plugin in line with Quickwit’s default behavior.

What’s next?

So many things! Mostly driven by your feedback, use-cases and our care for user experience! Join us on Discord and tell us what you have!