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Version: 0.7.1

Distributed Tracing with Quickwit

Distributed Tracing is a process that tracks your application requests flowing through your different services: frontend, backend, databases and more. It's a powerful tool to understand how your application works and to debug performance issues.

Quickwit is a cloud-native engine to index and search unstructured data which makes it a perfect fit for a traces backend.

Moreover, Quickwit supports natively the OpenTelemetry gRPC and HTTP (protobuf only) protocol and the Jaeger gRPC API (SpanReader only). This means that you can use Quickwit to store your traces and to query them with Jaeger UI.

Quickwit Distributed TracingQuickwit Distributed Tracing

Plug Quickwit to Jaeger

Quickwit implements a gRPC service compatible with Jaeger UI. All you need is to configure Jaeger with a (span) storage type grpc-plugin and you will be able to visualize your traces in Jaeger that are stored in any Quickwit's indexes matching the pattern otel-traces-v0_*.

We made a tutorial on how to plug Quickwit to Jaeger UI that will guide you through the process.

Send traces to Quickwit