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Version: 0.8.1

Ports configuration

When starting a quickwit search server, one important parameter that can be configured is the rest.listen_port (defaults to :7280).

Internally, Quickwit will, in fact, use three sockets. The ports of these three sockets cannot be configured independently at the moment. The ports used are computed relative to the rest.listen_port port, as follows.

ServicePort usedProtocolDefault
Http server with the rest api${rest.listen_port}TCP7280
Cluster membership${rest.listen_port}UDP7280
GRPC service${rest.listen_port} + 1TCP7281

It is not possible for the moment to configure these ports independently.

In order to form a cluster, you will also need to define a peer_seeds parameter. The following addresses are valid peer seed addresses:

TypeExample without portExample with port

If no port is specified in a peer node address, a Quickwit node will assume the peer is using the same port as itself.