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Enterprise License
for Cost-Effective

Ingestion throughput : 1 TB/day
Retention period: 30 days
Estimated Monthly Costs20,000 $40,000 $60,000 $Quickwit Enterprise
License Costs includedOpenSearch
Google Logging
3,000 $/mo14,214 $/mo15,000 $/mo60,000 $/mo78,000 $/mo


The quickest and safest path to drive down your infrastructure costs and scale to petabytes.

Enterprise Features

Quickwit Enterprise Licence includes all OSS Features Plus:

  • AWS Lambda backend
  • Delete tasks query
  • OpenDashboards (Q4 2024)
  • Multi-AZ (Q4 2024)

Onboarding program and Upgrade Guidance

From day one, we collaborate with your team to help you migrate from legacy systems like Datadog, Elasticsearch, Loki.

Our goal is to help you migrate / upgrade faster and ultimately minimize your total cost of ownership.

Professional Support with SLAs

Our customers are our priority. You will receive outstanding support from Quickwit's engineers:

  • Immediate assistance for any issue reports.
  • Actionable responses to feature inquiries and technical questions via a dedicated communication channel.

Features requests

Quickwit's Enterprise License users have the opportunity to request new features and improvements, directly influencing the product roadmap.

Quickwit enabled our customers to aggregate data and execute complex queries more efficiently. The ease of deployment, coupled with Quickwit's outstanding support, affirmed our confidence in Quickwit.

Mokhtar Bacha
CEO at Formal

Log management for Cyber Security

cost-efficient searchtenant isolation per bucket

Elastic was too time-consuming to maintain, and we wanted a more down-to-earth solution with an S3-compatible backend. [...] we decided to give Quickwit a shot. Ever since it has been our fastest AND cheapest log management solution.

Loïc Tosser
Co-Founder & CTO at Kalvad

Log management for Devops Services

migration from ElasticSearchdivided infrastructure costs by 10

We significantly improved our observability and monitoring solutions thanks to Quickwit. Tailored to our expanding backend and frontend usage, with a sharp focus on blockchain and web3 integration, we're confident that our systems are now more robust and efficient than ever before.

Hassan Allybocus
VP of Engineering

Log management and APM for Web3

migration from Datatogdrastically reduced observability costs
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How are monthly costs estimated for each provider?

We followed the guidelines published by Elastic to size the cluster.
Here is the spreadsheet we used to estimate the costs of running OpenSearch.
Datadog has two pricing models for logs:
  • the default one which costs $100/ingested TB plus $2500 for 1-month retention.
  • A second offer is called Flex Logs, which is at $50/retained TB.
We assumed the second plan was for longer retention and used it for retention longer than 30 days.
$2000/ingested TB for any retention. The value was taken from the AWS Marketplace and rounded down to $2000/TB (source). If you have a better source, please let us know!
Google Logging:
$400/ingested TB plus $100 for each retention month (source).
Quickwit Enterprise:
The pricing includes estimated infrastructure costs and license costs. Contact us to get an accurate quote!

Why are some enterprise features marked as “2024 Q[3,4]”?

This means that we are currently working on it and expect to ship it by the end of the year.

Still have questions?

You have additional questions about Quickwit Enterprise License? Contact our sales team for help and to get more information on Quickwit pricing.